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横田 一成(ヨコタ カズシゲ) YOKOTA Kazushige


Icn 01所属部署

生物資源科学部 生命科学科 教授

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Icn 01研究テーマ

 * 脂肪細胞の異なるライフステージにおけるアラキドン酸カスケード反応経路の調節とプロスタノイド類の役割に関する分子細胞生物学的研究  * 生活習慣病を予防する機能性食品因子の分析と作用機構の解析に関する食品機能化学的研究  * プロスタグランジンとその関連化合物に対する高感度で特異的な酵素免疫測定法の開発と生体試料への応用に関する生命薬学研究
Dr. Yokota's laboratory is interested in the field of biochemistry and molecular cell biology of food, nutrition, and health. A long-term goal in our laboratory will be to understand the mechanism of the molecular and cellular interactions between dietary factors and organisms. From the nutritional point of view, our current works center on the studies pertaining to dietary regulation of the arachidonate cascade which is the biosynthetic pathway for the formation of a family of autacoids with diverse functions in cell signaling, and other related metabolic pathways of essential fatty acids and membrane lipids. To date, our laboratory has been focusing the regulation and the role of prostanoids during the changes in the life cycle of adipocytes whose changes are known to be important for understanding the mechanism leading to obesity and the associated diseases. Furthermore, we are conducting molecular and cellular studies regarding lipoxygenases and the related enzymes involved in the metabolism of fatty acid hydroperoxides to unravel the structural basis of their enzyme reactions. More recently, anti-obesity studies are being integrated using experimental animals for the development of nutraceutical foods with reference to saponins and polyphenols from food resources.
研究分野:応用分子細胞生物学,食品科学,応用生物化学 (国際共同研究)

Icn 01取得学位

京都大学農学博士 (論文) 京都大学 食品科学